Weight Teller
Unique Battery-operated Power-saving Design - 
With only 2 UN-2/Size-C barreries, no power cord or repeated charging is required, the WT series provides countinuous operation up to 1500 Hours.

Auto Power-off Function - 
The WT series will automatically turn the power off after there is no load on the pan and it has been stable at ZERO position for 25 minutes (WT-10K / 15K) or 15 minutes (WT-1000 / 5000). This will save energy and thus extend battery life.

Low Battery Power Indication -
When the battery power is low, a battery sign will blink to indicate the need to replace batteries.

Two Selectable Units -
Weighing units are switchable between kilogram and pound/ounce.

Rugged Structure and precise weighing -
With aluminum die-casing supporting plates and strain gauge load cell, the WT series provides reliable shock-proof protection and accurate readouts.

Model WT-1000 WT-5000 WT-10K WT-15K
Capacity /
1000g x 1g
2.5 lb x 0.05oz
5000g x 5g
12 lb x 0.2oz
10kg x 5g
22 lb x 0.02lb
15kg x 10g
33 lb x 0.02 lb
Display LCD, 7mm(W) x 14mm(H)
Pan Size 210 x 190 mm
Power 2 UM-2 / SIZE-C / R14 Dry Batteries
Battery Life 1500Hours *(The above is typical value for general
batteries, it will be more with alkaline batteries)
Net Weight 1.6kg (Excluding Batteries)
85% Relative Humidity, non-condensing
0C to 40 C (32F to 104F)

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