Speaker / Amplifier Selector
SPW-10 / SPW-10M
10 Ways Speaker Selector
  • Designed for High-impedance output (e.g. 300 Ohms, 100V) P.A. amplfiers
  • 10 groups of speakers can be selected separately.
  • "All Call" function - select all groups at the same time.
  • "Through Output" terminal allows connect more than one selector in parallel.
  • Built-in monitoring speaker with volume control. (SPW-10M only)
Model SPW-10 SPW-10M
Speaker Stations 10 stations and 1 all call
Total Maximum Input 1000W(rms)
Power Capacity 100W / 1 Station
1000W / All Call
Monitoring Speaker Output NIL 1W
Dimension 340(W)x45(H)x200(D)mm
Weight 1.7kg 2.2kg
6 Ways Stereo Amplifier / Speaker Selector

SPW-62 is designed for 2 stereo amplifiers input and output to 6 sets of speakers or conversely, input 6 amplifiers and output to 2 sets of speakers.

Model SPW-62
Input (Amplifier) 6 2
Output (Speaker) 2 Sets 6 Sets
Power capacity 1000W
Insulation Resistance 10000M Ohms
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +50°C
Dimension 340(W) x 50(H) x 200(D)mm
Weight 1.8kg

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